Platform Timber Frame Design.

Platform timber frame is the most commonly used of the off-site construction methods in Ireland and the UK. The main feature of platform timber frame is the single storey height wall panels between floor panels. The walls comprise, generally, of solid timber studs at maximum 600mm crs. The floor structure comprises of joists at maximum 600mm crs. The joists can be solid timber or I-joists or open web joists.

Our Services - Platform Timber Frame Design

Tim Kelly Consulting Engineers Ltd. offer the following specialist platform timber frame design services:

As we specialise in this form of construction, we have extensive experience of medium rise timber frame structures of Class 2A and Class 2B (disproportionate collapse classes) and hence can optimise value-engineered design solutions which are fully compliant with the requirements of the Building Regulations and associated standards.

Where clients want a particularly low energy dwelling, i.e. passive house or approaching, we will work with our client to design the structure to minimise cold bridging.